• 18 Jul, 2019

    The difference between glass bottle and plastic bottle for sauce
    usually factory use glass bottle for sauce, but to save money, many factory are experimenting plastic bottle for sauce(see picture) Plastic bottle could filled sauce, and it doesn't deform under the high temperature(We already make test before which is put PP bottle in 90 degree water for 24 hours without deformation) Glass bottle can be filled hot sauce and without produce new toxic substances. H...
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  • 31 Oct, 2018

    What Is Boston Round Bottles and Cosmo Round Bottles
    What Is Boston Round Bottle and Cosmo Round Bottle There are two shapes of round bottles named Boston Round Bottle and Cosmo Round Bottle, which are widely used in packaging personal care products, pharmaceutical products and chemical products. Boston Round Bottles are those in short and wide body. The proportion of bottle diameter and height is about 0.4 or 0.5. There is no such fixed proportion ...
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  • 28 May, 2019

    Are PET bottles BPA-Free
    BPA in Plastic Containers Are you concerned about the chemicals in the plastics? Bisphenol A or BPA is a chemical used in hard plastic containers, such as lining of metal cans, water bottles and food storage containers. The BPA from the container can be transformed into food or drinks, BPA effects hormone such as estrogen level which may leads to fertility problems and increase cancer risks in hig...
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  • 28 May, 2019

    what is the difference between five-layer tube and two-layer tube
    Today i will talk about what is the difference between five-layer tube and two-layer tube. First, Please see this picture, it is a five-layer tube, we can see that it includes outer layer, bonding layer, insulating layer, bonding layer and inner layer. Five-layer tube has much better gas barrier properties and toughness, it can preve...
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  • 29 May, 2019

    How to choose a cosmetic packaging
    The packaging of cosmetics, beauty products and skincare products is critical to the success of the business.There are many kinds of cosmetic bottles and containers on the market, which make it a challenge to choose the right packaging. A proper cosmetic container must ensure the compatibility between packaging material and formulation.For skin lotions, body oils, shampoos or body wash, containers...
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  • 05 Jun, 2019

    PLA Bottles: A Trending Environmentally Friend Packaging Solution for Your Products
    PLA Bottles: A Trending Environmentally Friend Packaging Solution for Your Products   Since the environmental challenge is becoming more and more serious, companies are seeking alternate ways for their products to be in eco-friend packaging.   One of the packaging solution is the PLA bottles, also know as the poly acid bottle. It’s a trending packaging solution to pursuit environmentally...
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  • 10 Jun, 2019

    LDPE vs HDPE
    LDPE & LDPE Of the 7 different plastic types, LDPE is marked with 4, LDPE is short for LOW DENSITY POLYETHYLENE. Guess what HDPE and MDPE stand for? Yep, high and medium. Squeezability HDPE is not very squeezable, MDPE is medium squeezy, and LDPE is the most squeezable of them all. LDPE is squeezy but also incredibly flexible and tough, almost the point of being unbreakable. Usage LD...
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  • 26 Jun, 2019

    Plastic bottles are widely used in people's life
    Nowday, with the improvement of people's living standards, the consumption of carbonated drinks, mineral water, fruit juice and other plastic bottles has been increasing year by year. Especially for teenagers, young people, office workers, tourists and other groups. In these major consumer groups, Most people drinks 10-100 bottles every year.However, a large number of products are wasted due ...
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  • 27 Jun, 2019

    New Cosmetic Bottle Family
    The demand of packaging, especially packaging of cosmetic and toiletry products are reported uprising steadily over the past decade. Benefited from the advantages of the plastic material, including performance characteristics and relatively favorable cost, plastic containers will continue to hold a large share of the packaging market. To meet the growing market, we are striving to create abundant ...
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Free Molding Offer
Free Molding Offer
To expand business scale, we’d like to make an free molding offer. If you like specific shape or capacity PET bottle or jar but can’t find any from existing market, we have a solution by customizing a mold, which is free when initial order reaches 50K pieces and no logo needed. Please feel free to contact us if interested.
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