• 13 May, 2019

    Are PET bottles BPA-Free?
    PBA in Plastic Containers Are you concerned about the chemicals in the plastics? Bisphenol A or BPA is a chemical used in hard plastic containers, such as lining of metal cans, water bottles and food storage containers. The BPA from the container can be transformed into food or drinks, BPA effects hormone such as estrogen level which may leads to fertility problems and increase cancer risks in hig...
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  • 31 Oct, 2018

    What Is Boston Round Bottles and Cosmo Round Bottles
    What Is Boston Round Bottle and Cosmo Round Bottle There are two shapes of round bottles named Boston Round Bottle and Cosmo Round Bottle, which are widely used in packaging personal care products, pharmaceutical products and chemical products. Boston Round Bottles are those in short and wide body. The proportion of bottle diameter and height is about 0.4 or 0.5. There is no such fixed proportion ...
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Free Molding Offer
Free Molding Offer
To expand business scale, we’d like to make an free molding offer. If you like specific shape or capacity PET bottle or jar but can’t find any from existing market, we have a solution by customizing a mold, which is free when initial order reaches 50K pieces and no logo needed. Please feel free to contact us if interested.
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