• 20 Sep, 2019

    PP plastic cosmetic jars
    PP plastic is featured with high stability and transparency, widely used in food packaging and cosmetic packaging.  Here are cream jars that could be used for containing face cream, eye cream, mask skincare and hair care products.  Pls come to us for more information if you have interest!
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  • 11 Sep, 2019

    Tube packaging is suitable for a variety of products, Tube packaging is not only economical and convenient, more convenient to carry, convenient for consumers to use. So more cosmetics companies like to use it. Cosmetics tube has a lot of purpose. Tube manufacturers will be in the process is different, like the round hose, oval hose and so on. Because of the diff...
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  • 02 Sep, 2019

    A Suitable Plastic Container for My Chemical Products
    A Suitable Plastic Container for My Chemical Products While choosing a container for our own chemical products, have you ever considered the compatibility between the bottles and the liquids? Except cost-effective and aesthetic, chemical resistance ability of the container is a critical point when we choose a bottle. The following properties determine a container’s chemical resistance ability: dis...
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  • 30 Aug, 2019

    PETG Thick Wall Cream Jar Series
    PETG Thick Wall Cream Jar Series PETG, as one of the branches of PET, widely used in packages and containers for skin care products. Because of the great transparence and toughness, it's usually come as thick wall jar for housing facial cream, and other luxury products. We have launched a series of PETG thick wall cream jar, ranging from small capacity like 10g, 15g, 20g, 30g, 60g to bigger c...
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  • 23 Aug, 2019

    Airless cosmetic containers
    The launch of airless bottle conforms to the latest development trend of skin care products,especially the hign end cosmetic market.                                  Airless jar of 15ml,30ml and 50ml The contents in the airless container can be isolated from the air completely, so as to avoid oxidation and bacteri...
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  • 05 Aug, 2019

    Types of Pumps
    Types of Pumps   1. Foam Pumps Foam pumps mix the diluted form of liquid with air in specific ratios when we press it, the liquid came out as foam, widely use for cleaning soaps, such as dish wash , hand wash, shampoo etc. 2. Classic Lotion Pump Lotion Pump is one of the most popular pumps among cosmetic industry, there are thousands kinds of different pump designs. Its normall...
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  • 15 Aug, 2019

    Launching New Mouthwash Bottles Series
    Launching New Mouthwash Bottles Series White plastic PET mouthwash bottles offer an opaque packaging option for mouthwash products. The closure is specially designed to match with the long neck of the bottles. Besides of the white color, it can be customized as per Pantone or color samples. Made of food-grade and recyclable PET, the bottles are highly safe to go with all kinds of products, includi...
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  • 15 Aug, 2019

    A Matte Mist Sprayer
    What will determine the customers to choose a cosmetic if the customers have not used this cosmetic before? Apart from the other factors, the packaging will be a significant part of their decision to purchase a product. There is no doubt that when we choose a new product, we will be attracted by its appearance. We form an opinion about the product based on its overall appearance before looking at ...
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  • 31 Oct, 2018

    What Is Boston Round Bottles and Cosmo Round Bottles
    What Is Boston Round Bottle and Cosmo Round Bottle There are two shapes of round bottles named Boston Round Bottle and Cosmo Round Bottle, which are widely used in packaging personal care products, pharmaceutical products and chemical products. Boston Round Bottles are those in short and wide body. The proportion of bottle diameter and height is about 0.4 or 0.5. There is no such fixed proportion ...
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Free Molding Offer
Free Molding Offer
To expand business scale, we’d like to make an free molding offer. If you like specific shape or capacity PET bottle or jar but can’t find any from existing market, we have a solution by customizing a mold, which is free when initial order reaches 50K pieces and no logo needed. Please feel free to contact us if interested.
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