New Plastic PET Jars with Lids of 89mm Diameter in Series

Jul. 17,2018

New Plastic PET Jars in Series

Recently IBottle Pack has developed a custom jar mold, ranging from 500ml, 420ml, 400ml, 350ml and 300ml to 250ml, 200ml and 150ml. Due to the client special request of high compression resistance, we particularly raise the jar weight. The jars are respectively made of 56g, 36g, 36g, 36g, 36g, 23g, 23g and 23g PET, which offering not only strong protection, but also the top class hand feeling when holding them.

These new plastic PET jars have a 89mm wide mouth, making sure the products are easy to dispense. The clear jar body would be perfect for presenting your products, with or without label. We also offer silk screen printing up to 6 colors, hot stamping in gold, silver or even customized colors.

Made of high-quality food grade PET raw material, these bottles are also suitable for housing food products, including condiments, honey, ground coffee, tea, peanut butter, almond butter, apple butter, and other various spreads, sauces, or powders. Besides that, personal care products could be perfectly stored, such as facial musk, cream, bath salt, hair gel, and much more.

500ml 16oz Clear Plastic PET Jar with Lid420ml 14oz Clear Plastic PET Jar with Lids Wholesale400ml 13oz Clear Plastic PET Jar with Lids

500ml Clear PET Jar                     420ml Clear PET Jar                    400ml Clear PET Jar

350ml Clear Plastic PET Jar Wide Mouth Jar300ml 10oz Clear Plastic PET Jar with Lids Wide Mouth Plastic Jar Wholesale150ml 5oz Plastic PET Jar Wide Mouth Jar with Lides

350ml Clear PET Jar                     300ml Clear PET Jar                    400ml Clear PET Jar

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Free Molding Offer
Free Molding Offer
To expand business scale, we’d like to make an free molding offer. If you like specific shape or capacity PET bottle or jar but can’t find any from existing market, we have a solution by customizing a mold, which is free when initial order reaches 50K pieces and no logo needed. Please feel free to contact us if interested.
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